Your Brain

This page is the home for all of the mush that pours out of your brain that you see fit to send to us.

Bee Colouring Competition

Well, it wasn't a competition  as such, more just a way for us to allow you to happily pass a few minutes of your boring, worthless life. We didn't receive any entries that had been coloured in, however, Blyad Sassoon of Royal Leamington Spa, UK, did submit this pleasantly surreal effort. Enjoy...
"Beewitched" by Blyad Sassoon

Stop the press! We have finally received a submission in our Bee Colouring non-competition. Thanks kindly to Ken Mathiasen of Denmark, who sent us this charming effort from his five year old daughter Louise.

Louise Mathiasen, 5 Years Old
Random Artwork

Royal Leamington Spa's finest is at it again, this time he's recreating scenes from the movies. Thanks Blyad, keep up the good work.
"Hooray for Hollywood" by Blyad Sassoon