Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The 8 Words of Ash – True Romance

A blog post in which Ashley gets very hot under the collar about Christian Slater, briefly.

Not Natural Born Killers, but a fair ride.

True Romance is nearly 20 bloody years old now, time flies when you’re pottering through life I guess. It was written by Quentin Tarantino, when he was still quite good at writing things, and directed by Tony Scott, who brought us such quality film vehicles as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, Enemy Of The State and Crimson Tide, but who is also responsible for cinematic horseshit like Days of Thunder, Domino and the utterly terrible remake of The A-Team (as a Producer), so it’s touch and go whether True Romance is going to be any good.

The good news is that True Romance is a bit of a cult hit, especially with girls (because of Christian Slater being quite yummy, although I’ve always wondered why they fell quite so hard for the floppy quiff myself) and a lot of people seem to like the thing, but I’ve had flaming arguments with people about whether or not the Nicholas Cage – John Travolta powered movie Face-Off is any good, mostly because it’s a dreadful movie but some people don’t think that this is a true fact based fact, much like the existence of God.

So just because people like a thing it doesn’t automatically mean it’s any good. But by now you’ve probably sensed that I’m waffling a bit, and I am. Well technically I’m stalling. I’m stalling because I haven’t actually seen the movie and although that hasn’t stopped me from reviewing something in the past, I do normally need to have an opinion on the thing that I’ve not seen, like my review of Noel Gallagher’s – High Flying Birds or The Iron Lady blog post that I did, but in this instance I have nothing much else to say except that I have seen Natural Born Killers and I didn’t much like that and so if Ashley thinks that True Romance isn’t as good as that then that can’t be a good sign, although Ashley is frequently wrong about matters of culture, like he is with one of Tony Scott’s more successful artistic outpourings Enemy Of The State, which you can read about here – The 8 Words Of Ash – By One Get Six Free.

True Romance does get 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb’s reader rating thing though, whereas Natural Born Killers only averages 7.1 out of 10, so I suppose this kind of backs that up really, you can trust Ashley’s rather dubious critical eye or you can trust the rest of the Internet, or you could just ignore all of them and save yourself two hours by not watching True Romance or Natural Born Killers, it really is up to you.

A word of warning though, and this really isn’t up to you, you definitely shouldn’t watch Face-Off, and very definitely don’t watch The A-Team. Really!

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