Saturday, 3 March 2012

The 8 Words of Ash - Being Human, Inside Men, Roger & Val…

The cast of Being Human

Ashley’s been watching some more stuff by the BBC, here’s what he made of it.

Being Human - It's still good. Silly yet serious. Annie's beaut!

Inside Men - Great new drama – exciting, well acted, safe, mature!

Roger & Val Have Just Got In - Not funny. Alfie why have you done this?!

So, one good, one average and one bag of shite. That sounds about right for the BBC these days, especially when you look at the comedy programming that they’re producing.

It’s been very slim pickings at the Beebs comedy department in recent times, for a reason that utterly baffles me they’ve resurrected Rab C Nesbitt, which wasn’t funny the first time around. In an equally baffling turn they’ve cancelled Shooting Stars which was actually very funny in it’s last series. They’ve made national treasure David Jason look like a fucking halfwit, and not in a good way, in The Royal Bodyguard, they still insist on employing Lee Nelson while at the same time putting Stewart Lee on in some sort of crazy dead air slot after Newsnight on a fucking Tuesday. Even comedic staples like Have I Got News For You aren’t nearly as funny as they were. Indeed, the only truly remarkable thing that the BBC’s comedy department has produced in probably the last three years, has been Psychoville. And so it’s little surprise that even Ashley couldn’t raise a titter at something that the BBC made that was supposed to be funny. Oh well, we move on and we hope for better in the future while, deep down, knowing that we may have already moved past the point of anything being funny ever again. Humbug anyone?

The fourth series of Being Human continues on BBC Three (& BBC HD) this Sunday, the 4th of March, at 21:00. Inside Men finished it’s four episode run last month but is already available on BBC DVD. Series two of Roger & Val… continues on BBC Two this Wednesday, the 7th of March, at 22:00.

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