Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snackrite Peanut Puffs

Do you like nuts? Yes, good. Do you like Wotsits as well? Fantastic! Have you ever sat and wondered what it would be like to have the two snacks combined? No, me either. However, when I came across Snackrite Passions Peanut Puffs in my local Aldi I was obliged to give them a go. I wasn't disappointed, but that's because my expectations were incredibly low. They do taste like peanuts though, the texture's just a bit off. Whereas Wotsits melt in the mouth Passions don't, they just absorb all moisture whilst remaining completely solid, it's quite a staggering feat. After a couple of crisps you'll lose all sensation in your mouth, which is good news as you won't taste anything. They are incredibly moreish though, which contradicts everything I've just said, so it's probably best to just ignore me. I can't imagine many people will ever buy a second pack but if you're having a buffet and inviting people you don't like, these are perfect. A 200g bag will cost you £0.89p from Aldi.

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