Thursday, 28 July 2011

The 8 Words of Ash – Seraphim Falls

After watching David Von Acken’s 2006 revisionist western Seraphim Falls on BBC Two at the weekend, Ashley’s decided to share his thoughts with us (lucky us). Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan star as Colonel Carver and Gideon respectively in this post Civil War thriller. The plot centres around Carver’s Captain Ahab like quest to capture Gideon, but, is his desire driven by a bounty or is there something more…? What did you make of it Ash?

Qui-Gon Jinn versus James Bond V = good fun

I’m not certain that counts as 8 words, can we have a stewards enquiry please? Not all critics were as generous as Ashley, Ruthe Stein of the San Francisco Chronicle said “When actors of Neeson and Brosnan’s quality stoop to material so obviously beneath them, a lashing at least might be in order.” Ouch, stinging criticism of Von Acken and Abby Everett Jaques’ screenplay. However, an estimated $18 million budget for a return of just $1.2 million at the box office would suggest that the public were in complete agreement. Judge for yourself on BBC’s iPlayer.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Final Chase

Entourage returns tonight for its eighth and final series (22:40, Sky Atlantic), a shortened eight episode run. Is the time right for the show to end? No! That time was about three years ago. A refreshing comedy-drama when it premiered in 2004, Entourage featured several memorable guest turns, most notably Gary Busey. However, those imaginative, occasionally even quirky roles slowly morphed into tedious “how do we crowbar Kanye West into this?” embarrassments.

I first became aware of the show when I bought the first series of Curb Your Enthusiasm on import DVD, a short trailer was enough to grab my attention. I ordered the first series and watched it with a friend. I found the first few episodes excruciating to watch, despising all of the characters except, the always excellent, Ari and Johnny Drama. I was convinced to see it through to the end of the debut season and was glad I did. After establishing the characters Entourage found its stride and had me hooked.

The action centres around actor Vincent Chase and his cohorts, all recently relocated from Queens to Hollywood. It’s supposedly, loosely, based around the trials and tribulations of Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg, though his prior violent indiscretions were deliberately omitted. With the second series airing at the time I became interested I was faced with a choice, do I illegally download it or be patient enough for the DVD?

As a man of no virtues I chose the former. Even though I have found myself increasingly bored of the predictable plotlines over the years I’ve still religiously downloaded every episode the day after its transmission in the States. Now, thanks to Sky, I don’t have to, I can sit and watch it in HD. It’s just a shame that it’s somewhat soured for me. How many times am I supposed to watch Vinny Chase get whichever woman he wants? I’m tired at the mere thought of his lifestyle, doesn’t he ever just want to sit in a room on his own for several months and play Championship Manager?

I’m pleased the end is in sight, though a movie is rumoured, as it’s gone from being a trusted friend to that guy I went to school with who I always try to avoid if I see him when I’m out. I’ll see it through to the bitter end, maybe it will redeem itself, the road to recovery starts tonight… I hope.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The 8 Words of Ash – Green Lantern

A man of few words, Ashley has submitted his 8 word review of the latest superhero comic adaptation. Martin Campbell’s take on the DC Comics’ creation feature Ryan Reynolds in the title role. Take it away Ash: -

The Green Lantern wears a very green outfit

Erm, thanks. He did go on to elaborate (which I think is cheating) by saying that “It’s pretty good for a fairly unknown superhero. It’s quite dark & serious, has a small dose of comedy & great special effects. Mark Strong (who plays Sinestro) is a treat as always”. Well, I’d say if you’re undecided about going to see Green Lantern that should just about sway you to unsure.
Thanks Ashley

Who’s Who In The Ghetto

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