Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie - DVD/Blu-ray Reveiw

The Inbetweeners Movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray from tomorrow (12.12.11) so I thought we'd have a little look at it to see if it's any good. I'm a fan of the series but if I'm honest, I had no enthusiasm for the film at all, that's why it's taken me so long to watch it. It's been a huge success and has clearly appealed to many people that have never seen the E4 show as it's broken into the UK box office top three for 2011. We're surely going to see a deluge of big screen versions of every TV comedy the UK's ever produced off the back of this, who's excited about Outnumbered the Movie? No, me either.

Anyway, let's talk about the film. The plot revolves around the four friends heading off to Malia, Greece, for a blowout holiday before they head off to uni, or a dead-end job as the case may be. Does this sound familiar? A TV show made into a film inevitably involves transporting the cast to a different location. Herein lies the problem, well, for me anyway.

I never liked the four main characters; Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, I always found them all thoroughly irritating. The show overcame this obstacle as it was well written with a good gag rate. There’s no way you could maintain that sort of volume of jokes over 90 minutes, my god, could you imagine Not Going Out the Movie? The best characters in the series, and the people that largely carried it, were the supporting cast, Mr Gilbert (comedian Greg Davies) for example.

Davies role is limited to about a minute in the film, the Inbetweeners’ parents have a similar length of screen time. The usual one-off characters are also replaced by substandard characters which just don’t work. Saying that, I’ve never been on a “lads” holiday, so what do I know, perhaps these people do exist. I went to Berlin for a friend’s stag, I had to leave early but the bulk of the trip was taken up by looking at building for their architectural qualities.

The main antagonist, James (played by Theo James from that awful Bedlam show that also had Will Young in it… stick to music Will, your acting is shite!), goes too far. He is way beyond your usual type of bully/bad guy, I felt really bad in every one of his scenes. I don’t want comedies to make me feel bad, I want them to help me escape reality for a short while. It wouldn’t be so bad if, in the Hollywood style, he turned out to be alright but just misunderstood, or he really got his comeuppance, but neither happened and I felt miserable about it.

That’s another problem with this film, Jay’s potential partner Jane (played by Lydia Rose Bewley) suffers some horrible abuse for being overweight. I don’t think that the film ever addresses fully just how nasty and damaging this can be. I can only assume that the Writers, Producers, Directors and stars have ever been the victim of a ruthless bullying campaign. The fact that it goes without any real examination left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Right, so, off the soapbox for a while as I summarise. The movie does have a fair few laughs and fans of the show should be able to thoroughly enjoy it. Newcomers will also find it entertaining if they’re into a bit of toilet humour. It does have some flaws and was a huge disappointment for me but I’m sure that won’t put most of you off.

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