Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jim Jeffries - I Swear To God (DVD)

As far as I’m concerned there are no taboo subjects in comedy, none… not one, you hear me… NONE! Unless you feel the same way steer well clear of Jim Jeffries. All religions get it in the neck, as well as the disabled, tubbies and dwarves, or little people if you prefer. Now I’m not offended by much, by all means, make fun of me for my race, my religion, my political ideologies, my big ears or even my tiny cock, I really don’t care so long as it’s funny.

Jeffries, an Australian who’s moved to Los Angeles via Manchester, certainly doesn’t disappoint with the laughs. Whilst I Swear to God might not be his finest work, the short running time seemingly forces him to rush through gags in order to cram everything in, it stands up against the likes of contemporaries such as Frankie Boyle and Doug Stanhope.

Particular highlights are the story about taking his Dad to the 2006 World Cup and his rant about Christianity. Cum faces are not a new subject for comedians but Jeffries take on it had me practically holding my crotch so that I didn’t wet myself, in fact, it still makes me laugh now, days later. Check it out if you get the chance but you have been warned.

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